About Us

Advanced Processor Architectures, LLC (APA), is a Wyoming limited liability company established in 2009, with its principal business office located at 1712 Pioneer Ave., Ste. 500, Cheyenne, WY 82001. Since its inception, APA's business has been devoted to the research, design and development of an innovative, advanced computer architecture intended to replace the legacy von Neumann architecture. APA was founded on the vision of Lou Chall, who recognized and spent years researching how to solve the limitations of current computer architectures. Understanding that the current concept of simply doubling the number and size of processors on a single board would soon reach finite physical limitations, Lou leveraged his extensive experience with system architectures and designed a revolutionary approach to processing and communications of data that offers virtually unlimited growth in speed, reliability and execution from hand-held devices to massive computing systems.

The Chall Architecture is the successor architecture for computer technology.
Engage partners to deploy and utilize the Chall Architecture across broad markets.
These qualities are paramount in our relationships with our partners and customers.
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