The APA Solution

APA is a departure from contemporary processors. There are three components of APA: architecture, communications and packaging. The architecture is the logic that contains the interfaces with the other devices and the internal function.

Multiple serial communications paths permit speed, redundancy and functional flexibility while eliminating data bottlenecks. Circuit dies are packaged in a unique, patented manner. The die packages are nested in an array on a simple substrate that can be made in many form factors.

Scalable growth is virtually unlimited whether applied to simple control applications or massively parallel super-computing environments because APA's die packages and the resulting multi-package modules have identical communication frequencies and protocols.

APA applies a simple and highly robust approach that reduces the effects of increased circuit complexity and manufacturing cost. It is independent of internal function design of the logic and memory, and is faster to the application market with higher performance and a much-improved life cycle. The economic result for the foundry, IC facility and application product company is significant competitive advantage and much greater margin, plus reduced cost to the end user.